Information and Communication Technology (ICT) represents a tool for good governance and for implementation of good administrative procedures. In particular, e-government technologies can improve significantly the capacity of coordination and communication among different units and institutions of government.

As decisions tend to be based on precedents, it is essential that at any point in time, decision makers have access to complete and reliable information. Deficiencies emanating from the failure to collect, collate, and properly store vital data have impaired the quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of the decisions taken in the public sector.

The following are specific activities we undertake in ICT:

  • Process re-engineering through which existing operational procedures are analyzed and optimized to effectively and efficiently address institutional objectives. ICT is used as a tool to implement the re-engineered systems.
  • Assessing e-readiness and e-requirements
  • Optimizing the use of ICT in financial modeling, analysis, reporting systems.
  • ICT Project management, monitoring, and evaluation.
  • Data Management services to improve the quality and usability of corporate/government data
  • Formulation of e-strategies
  • Developing ICT capacity in various branches of the government in support of good governance, transparency, and accountability.  Focusing on effective and efficient data capture, storage, analysis, and communication.
  • Implementation of efficient cost control systems.
  • Advising and also implementing ICT to address education and health issues.
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