ENVILEAD is a firm of Environmental Experts registered and certified by the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA - Kenya) offering environmental advisory and consultancies services.

We offer the following environmental advisory and consultancy services:

i. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA);

ii. Environmental Audit (EA);

iii. Environmental Due Diligence (EDD);

iv. Environmental Cost Benefit Analysis (ECBA) ;

v. Development of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP);

vi. Environmental Planning and Management;

vii. Natural resource surveys and inventories;

viii. Environmental policy & legislation;

ix. Land use planning and development; and

x. Environmental Modeling.

ENVILEAD is a leader in environmental advisory & consultancy, the firm has a strong track record in the management and delivery of Environmental advisory and consultancy to the highest standards. Our wide experience spans a diverse range of sectors, such as commercial, real estate, infrastructure, mining & mineral processing, and hydro; thermal; and renewable energy generation. Clients see our ability to draw on expertise across a broad range of environmental, social, economic and technical disciplines throughout ENVILEAD as a key factor in delivering success in this demanding area.

§ Clear understanding of the typically complex processes, standards and legislation underpinning  environmental advisory & consultancy nationally and internationally

§ Robust management of the often conflicting demands of client, funder, government agencies, communities and other stakeholders

§ Ability to mobilize local resources and expertise to ensure local relevance and realize the project’s socio-economic benefits

§ Technical excellence to progress these landmark projects, serving to further the development and transfer of best practice

§ Credibility, objectivity and authority critical to commanding the respect of stakeholders, environmental groups and the international community

§ Solid commercial underpinning delivering value through enhanced client reputation, flexibility and certainty of outcome

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