The firm has a staff- force of 8 permanent professionals and 12 supporting staff and a host of Associates (involved on project-by-project basis as need arises). All the staff and Associates have diverse specializations and wide ranging professional experience in Policy analysis, projects design and management, training skills, modern operational software packages, monitoring and evaluation and infrastructure development.

The firm provides a wide range of health and economic development capacity building and training consultancy services in:

Customized Training:

The firm has expertise and experience in customized in-house training in client’s location and environment to meet specific needs.

  • Health Management Training Policy and Human Resource Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • HIV/AIDS Capacity Development
  • Participatory Rural Planning & Appraisal
  • Logistics Management & Capacity Building
  • Educational Planning and Evaluation.
  • ICT Development & Training
  • E-Learning.

In response to new developments at global, regional, and country levels, government entities and private sectors are increasingly recognizing the value of high staff performance for successful, effective implementation of strategies and policies.

With more than 10 years experience of practical training, planning and development involving a wide range collaborative network of experts, in the public and private organizations, the group has developed sustainable leadership in the implementation of training programmes to meet our clients specific needs through out Eastern African region. The firm has expertise and experience in Customized Training and Training Development.

Training Development:

We develop courses to address Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (KSA) gaps determined through performance assessments surveys specifically tailored towards meeting specific demands of both client and market.


The firm involves and ensures clients participation in the design of outcome-oriented training.The process begins by determining the individual and organization performance gaps, and agreeing on programme objectives. We then provide a fully costed proposal detailing areas of work, training methodologies, and training outcomes.

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