2012 Baseline Survey on critical HR skills and alternative business activities in Northern  Kenya and Other Arid Lands
2008 External Evaluation of Poverty Eradication Commission
2007 Development of MDGs-Based Long Term Plan for Kenya
2005/06 Developing mechanisms for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into the MTEF/Budget process (FY2006/07-2008/09). The project aimed at developing key guidelines that ensure HIV/AIDS is reflected as a national priority in the budgetary planning process within the public sector; Review of Ministerial expenditure and sectoral ceilings for Transport, Health, Agriculture, Education and PSLO sectors.
2005 Investment Programme for Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation (IP-ERS). The project provided the first Annual Progress Report on the implementation of the IP-ERS (2003-2004) based on key pillars: Sustainable Economic growth; Equity and Poverty reduction; and Good Governance. The document identified specific investment programmes that were planned in consonance with economic policy proposals, which was launched by GoK in September 2003.
2005 Public Expenditure Review 2005. The document provided a preliminary assessment for 2005/06 MTEF/Budget formulation process. Key areas of focus were: Macroeconomic framework; Expenditure Analysis; Public Sector Reform; Public Expenditure Management; and Tracking the implementation of ERS targets through Ministerial Public Expenditure Reviews.  The document provided critical assessment of Government Expenditure Policies from the perspective of its magnitude, allocations and management.
2003-2007 Strongly involved in the development of the integrated national Monitoring and Evaluation framework for the PRSP (2001-2004) and later for Economic Recovery Strategic Plan (2003-2007)
2003-2007 Participation in the preparation of the Economic Recovery Strategy Paper of 2003-2007
2001 Participation in the preparation of Kenya’s Poverty Reduction Paper for 2001-2004
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