Impact Assessment & Planning

A leader in environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental planning, ENVILEAD has a strong track record in the management and delivery of EIA projects to the highest standards. Our experience spans a diverse range of sectors, such as commercial and residential real estate, infrastructure, mining and mineral processing, thermal power generation and renewables, and oil and gas exploration and production. Clients see our ability to draw on expertise across a broad range of environmental, social, economic and technical disciplines throughout ENVILEAD as a key factor in delivering success in this demanding area.

  • Clear understanding of the typically complex processes, standards and legislation underpinning  EIA projects nationally and internationally
  • Robust management of the often conflicting demands of client, funder, government agencies, communities and other stakeholders
  • Ability to mobilize local resources and expertise to ensure local relevance and realize the project’s socio-economic benefits
  • Technical excellence to progress these landmark projects, serving to further the development and transfer of best practice
  • Credibility, objectivity and authority critical to commanding the respect of stakeholders, environmental groups and the international community
  • Solid commercial underpinning delivering value through enhanced client reputation, flexibility and certainty of outcome
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