This unit provides technical assistance for capacity building and backstopping of the clients’ institutions and human resources to enhance operational efficiency and management capability.

The Group’s well – established multi-disciplinary PMU involves the short-term and medium-term placement of multi disciplinary experts alongside the clients’ in-house staff to undertake professional management services, training and human resource development tailored towards meeting the project’s specific set goals and objectives.

The Economics Development Consulting Unit deals mainly, in micro and macro economics development such as national planning, budgeting and public expenditure review and analysis; social sector studies and public sector reform Programmes; projects design, management, monitoring and evaluation systems.

In addition, the Group has considerable experience in providing professional services to an expanding list of international, regional and national clients most of which include Governments; development organizations and Donors, mainly: The IMF and World Bank, WHO, European Union, DFID, UNDP, USAID, UNEP, IFAD, AFD, COMESA, ILO, UNIDO, FAO, and UNESCO among others.

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